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  • Tiffin


    Tiffin is an adorable rabbit, made from super-soft plush fur in chocolate brown, grey and cream shades. Tiffin has long floppy ears and is paw-fectly accessorised with a large bow. Only 200 created globally. Recommended for ages 3 years +. Rabbit height:...
  • Gingerbread Cookie

    Gingerbread Cookie

    Are you looking for a guilt-free yet scrumptious treat? Then Gingerbread Cookie is the pawfect bear for you! With the finest plush fur in warming browns and yummy creams, this bear is filled with winter spices! Gingerbread Cookie is simply irresistible...
  • Riley Raccoon

    Riley Raccoon

    Meet Riley, our snuggly plush raccoon from our brand-new Bear & Me range, designed to ignite your child’s imagination and become a lifelong friend. Riley is wildly cute with his soft cloudy grey fur featuring black and white facial accents and...
  • Draco Dragon

    Draco Dragon

    Meet Draco, a magical plush dragon from our brand-new Bear & Me range, created to be your little one’s lifelong companion. This mythical friend is too sweet in denim blue fur, with a pair of wings, spikes and two little white horns, he is the...
  • Ronnie Red Panda

    Ronnie Red Panda

    Introducing Ronnie, our endearing plush red panda from our brand-new Bear & Me range, designed to be your little one's devoted friend from the very beginning. Ronnie’s super soft, non-jointed and machine washable design ensures endless cuddles...
  • Gilbert Giraffe

    Gilbert Giraffe

    Your tot will find a forever friend in Gilbert, our irresistibly cute giraffe from our brand-new Bear & Me range. Bringing everyone’s favourite safari animal to life, your child's new long-necked friend has super-soft white with ginger...
  • Stevie Stegosaurus

    Stevie Stegosaurus

    Meet Stevie, the stegosaurus, a heart-warming herbivore who will ignite your child’s imagination as they grow and embark on thrilling prehistoric adventures together. He's made from peppermint green, super-soft plush and stands at a huggable...
  • Freddie Frog

    Freddie Frog

    Ribbit! Ribbit! Meet Freddie, the adorable frog from our brand-new Bear & Me range, who will hop right into your child’s heart. Freddie is crafted from super soft peppermint green plush and is the perfect size for both play and snuggles,...
  • Chucky Egg Chick

    Chucky Egg Chick

    Introduce your little one to Chucky Egg, the loveable chick from our brand-new Bear & Me range. Crafted from super soft buttercup yellow plush, your little one will love snuggling up with their new petite companion. Hand-finished with special...
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